Safely surveying houses for a rewire during the Covid 19 pandemic

With the Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions currently present in every day life, it can be difficult to safely visit our client’s properties and adhere to social distancing at the same time. Some site surveys can often entail a second and third visit to ensure that the works required are accurate and exactly what the client wants. To solve this issue, House Rewire Dublin are offering a free on site 3D digital scan of the property. This full house internal scan allows both the client and House Rewire Dublin to simultaneously view the property off site and ensure that all fixtures, fittings and installations are exactly what is required, all from the comfort of your own home! We are the only electrical company in Ireland (so far as we know!) who are offering this 3D house scan service and have put it in place so as to adhere to social distancing recommendations and to provide a safe working environment for both our staff and our clients for full peace of mind.

We can also make the 3D scan available to other contractors (after being commissioned to undertake the electrical work) such as interior design companies, builders etc which can greatly assist in reducing the number of tradespeople who need to visit your property to provide a quote for any additional work needed.

Here is a sample 3D scan showing the details that are captured during the process. The user can move to any part of the property with one click of a button or select which floor or room they want to view by using the buttons on the bottom of the scan.